Zanzibar is considered a mysterious island that is a blend of Sun, Sand, and exotics. When we hear the first word, Zanzibar, it gives a sense of enchantment, a promising journey filled with unique and Unforgettable Memories. As the last fortress of the African Slave Trade and the main farming area for the cloves, the island has a ruthless side, and yet other side is the delicate scent of paradise. At Your Holiday Abroad, we offer you the Zanzibar 4 Days holiday packages. This is a great chance for you to embark on an amazing time and enjoy the beautiful clear blue skies and torquise waters, amazing foods, and much more. Let’s dive deep into the Zanzibar Tour with Your Holiday Abroad in detail.

Scan Our Memorable Tour Plan

We create an amazing tour plan that makes your whole trip memorable. When you arrive, one of our members will escort you and be with you for any aid you may need. Four days Zanzibar holiday packages comprise of Turtle Aquarium, Sunset Dhow, Spice Tour, NakuPenda Island  ETC.

Day 1 –   Warm Welcoming in Zanzabir (Arrivals)

Our team is ready to pick you up from the Airport or ferry and transfer you to the hotel where we will have a welcome dinner together and discuss the last-minute discussion before the trip starts.

Day 2 –   Unwind The   Soothing Experience at Turtle Aquarium and Sunset Dhow

Turtle Aquarium –   Excursion to the turtle aquarium is a must. The beauty and elegance of the turtle found on the island of Zanzibar. It is situated on Zanzibar‘s Northern Moszt Beach, Nugwai. In this area, the bond between the local fisherman and the sea turtle is strong. When the hawk’s bill Sea turtle (Eretmochyets Imbricata ) is injured, this fisherman catches and takes it to an aquarium, heals it, and lets it go back into the open water.

Sunset Dhow Cruise   – This evening, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of Stone Town. If you are a couple, then this is become one of the most romantic trips. Our trip starts from the Nungwi, where we will take a Dhow and cruise around the Nungwi. While sailing or cruising during sunset, we don’t use the engine; we sail slowly while enjoying the best views of the sunset

Day 3 – Tranquility Experience with Spice Tour

On Day 3, you will experience Tranquility in the world of tropical fruits and spices. Zanzibar is also considered a Spice in Islam. The reason behind this variety of spices grown in Zanzibar is that our Local tour guide gives you a whole spice Tour Tip. This trip is approx. 2 hours walking trip. You also enjoy the unique rainforest nature with lots of trees, species, and tropical plants. You can taste and smell the different spices that are growing on islands. This day will become the memorable day in the whole Zanzibar 4 Days holiday packages.

Day 4 – Capture the Romantic Vibes in Nakupenda Island

Nakupenda- Nakupenda is also known as I LOVE YOU (in English). It is one of the most gorgeous and magical places, having sandbanks, beautiful birds, beautiful beaches, Limpid and crystalline water. It is considered the most romantic place to experience the best summer vibes, and it is the best palace for your bucket Island place If you want to experience a romantic trip. This is covered on Day 4.

Forodhani Sunset – You will experience tranquility by watching the sunset from Forodhani Garden located in Stone Town; you can also experience adventurous sports like cliff driving there. You will definitely enjoy these whole Four days Zanzibar holiday packages Tour.  

Day 5 – Visit Again See You Soon (Departures)

After Breakfast at the hotel, depending on your Flight time, there will be  transfer for you to the airport and for your departure. Asante Sana, karibu sana until we see you again.


Here is the full tour plan of Zanzibar, if you want to enquire about the other holiday packages more than Four holiday packages. Visit our official website.