Yourholidayabroad, renowned for organizing travel and tourism events with a focus on Africa, Zanzibar, and safaris, has announced the launch of “kua Africa.” This event marks a significant milestone as the first Fintech, Agritech, and Blue Economy conference, attracting over 100 candidates who will participate in panel discussions. The event aims to bring together diverse talents from across the continent and beyond to exchange knowledge and foster meaningful dialogue.

“Kua africa,” named after the Swahili word for “grow,” is designed to be an intimate, knowledge-rich gathering. It seeks to empower Tanzania’s top entrepreneurial talents and their peers worldwide through deep knowledge exchange and impactful discussions. The forum features a select group of highly knowledgeable speakers, renowned for their expertise and insights. These speakers will provide a stage for probing questions and transformative discussions that are both meaningful and actionable.

The event aims to unlock knowledge sharing by facilitating a vibrant exchange of best practices and lessons learned. This initiative is designed to empower participants to leverage collective wisdom, enhancing their ability to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities for innovation and growth. Additionally, kua Africa prioritizes high-quality networking, paving the way for meaningful collaborations and partnerships. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, academics, and thought leaders, the event fosters a cohesive ecosystem conducive to shared prosperity and collective action.

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Moreover, kua Africa seeks to inspire action by igniting a commitment among participants to pursue impactful innovations and strategies within their organizations and communities. The forum aspires to cultivate a culture of accountability and impact-driven change, inspiring attendees to implement real and lasting transformations.


Participants of the event include entrepreneurs and startup founders, investors and venture capitalists, policymakers and government representatives, academics and researchers, industry experts and thought leaders, and youth and next-generation leaders. The event leverages Zanzibar’s historic role and position as a gateway for Africa, enabling knowledge exchange and openness to neighboring regions. More than just a forum, kua Africa is a movement towards an interconnected and resilient African venture-building and innovation landscape. By engaging with and learning from each other, participants will not only share in the journey of growth but actively shape the future of the continent.

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Yourholidayabroad’s initiative in organizing kua africa underscores their commitment to driving sustainable development throughout Africa. With core values of collaboration, care, support, and dedication, kua africa is set to be a catalyst for growth and collaboration, enriching the entrepreneurship landscape within Tanzania and broadening its impact across Africa and beyond.

For more information about kua africa and how to participate, visit Yourholidayabroad’s official website or contact their event coordinators.

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