The appointment of the first female chairperson at the Uganda Tourism Board marks a significant milestone in the country’s tourism sector and reflects a broader trend towards gender diversity and inclusivity in leadership roles.

According to the press statement by Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) Head of Public Relations, Gessa Simplicious, the ceremony of inauguration of the new UTB Board of Directors by Uganda’s Minister of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities(MTWA) Hon. Tom Butime, was held at Mestil Hotel in Kampala.

According to EturboNews, the inauguration of the new Board of Directors for the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) marks a significant moment in Uganda’s tourism sector, highlighted by the appointment of Pearl Hoareau Kakooza as the first female chairperson in UTB’s history. This milestone reflects a positive step towards gender diversity and inclusivity in leadership roles in Uganda. This was almost a sequel of the appointment of Lilly Ajarova as first female CEO of the same Uganda Tourism Board back in 2019, when she beat her male counterparts to the position.

The newly appointed Board, chaired by Pearl Hoareau Kakooza, comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, including representatives from various sectors, such as civil aviation, finance, wildlife, arts and crafts, tour operators, and hospitality. This diversity ensures a broad range of perspectives and skills necessary for advancing Uganda’s tourism sector.

During the inauguration ceremony, Hon. Tom Butime, the Minister of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities, commended the outgoing Board for their contributions to enhancing Uganda’s global tourism appeal and preserving its natural and cultural heritage.

He expressed confidence in the incoming Board’s ability to build upon these achievements and further advance the country’s tourism sector.

The outgoing Chairman, Hon. Daudi Migereko, emphasized the importance of focusing on domestic tourism and fostering collaborations to drive sectoral growth. He encouraged the new Board to continue these efforts and leverage opportunities to promote Uganda as a top tourist destination. In her remarks, Ms. Hoareau Kakooza expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve as the Chairperson and pledged to continue the work of her predecessors in marketing Uganda and attracting more visitors to the country. The CEO of UTB reiterated the organization’s commitment to collaborating closely with stakeholders to drive innovation, foster sustainable tourism practices, and unlock the full potential of Uganda’s tourism sector.

Overall, the ceremony underscored the importance of continuity, collaboration, and progress in elevating Uganda’s tourism profile and creating lasting socio-economic benefits for its people. The new Board of Directors is poised to play a vital role in achieving these objectives through their leadership and collective efforts.

Members of the Uganda Tourism Board:

Pearl Hoareau Kakooza – from(The Uganda Travel Agents Association)TUGATA-Chairperson
Olive Birungi – Civil Aviation Authority
Sandra Ssali Kebirungi- Ministry of Finance
Vincent Operemo -National Planning Authority NPA
Stephen Masaba -Uganda Wildlife Authority UWA
Vivian Lyazi – Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and AntiquesMTWA
Magret Ojara -National Association of Arts and Crafts NACCAU
Tony Mulinde – Association of Uganda Tour Operators AUTO
Rashid Kiyimba -Uganda Hotel Owners Association-UHOA
Mr.Kawamala Ronald – General Tourism
Lilly Ajarova – CEO UTB